My Hobbies

There’s not a lot of spare time when it comes to looking after a baby, the odd hour when she naps or an hour or so after she’s gone to bed (if I’ve not fallen asleep while putting her to bed). But when I do get a bit of time to myself I like to indulge in some of my favourite hobbies. These include:

  • Doing the dishes that have been ignored 
  • Hoovering up the crumbs that seem to breed in the carpet
  • Picking up the toys that Isla’s taken no notice of because she was too busy playing with a pack of baby wipes or a bib
  • Searching for change in the bottom of bags to pay for milk and bread
  • Looking at things I can’t afford online
  • Watching CBeebies and singing along to annoying tunes which then stick in my head all day
  • Trying to find somewhere to hang out the ridiculous amount of baby clothes washing, while I try to baby wipe sick off my jeans and give my top a quick sniff to check if it’s passable
  • Fixing the couch cushions for the 1000009th time 
  • Looking at the state of the bedroom and muttering ‘this room’s a fucking riot’
  • Rescuing mouldy coffee cups that Scott’s left and now won’t touch
  • Trying to find ways to style my hair that disguise the fact that it’s all fallen out and looks terrible
  • Googling ‘separation anxiety’ desperately hoping this particular developmental stage will be over very very soon
  • Taking Scott his coffee in bed when I’ve been up since half 6
  • Getting up every 3 hours during the night and waiting while the baby’s decided it’s playtime at 2am
  • Having mini breakdowns at the drop of a hat because I’ve not slept longer than a few hours at a time in months and having a baby is exhausting!

Thank goodness I’ve got so many fun and interesting hobbies to fill my time now, so I don’t need to waste my time doing things like painting, drawing, reading or having a relaxing bath!


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